Nautical Management Jávea

Gestoria nautica Javea

Nautical Management Jávea

The ordinary and extraordinary maritime documentary needs that any owner of a boat in Jávea should face once he gets it, make up the material environment that is explained below and that, likewise, constitutes our object of activity.

In Nautical and legal management Leuba Mazcaray we take care of any maritime management in Jávea. We are an agency and maritime consultancy that deals with the legal formalities in Jávea related to obtaining any type of boat.

From the moment a ship is procured until it occasionally leaves its owner, a multitude of obligations and requirements are created, which we are able to meet with diligence and punctuality, providing our own customers with elementary stability throughout the entire process.

Nautical management services Jávea.

The main services we perform Jávea are:



    • Registration, inscriptions and flagging of new or used vessels.
    • Imports and exports to and from the EU and non-EU countries.
    • Changes of ownership and name. Naval mortgages. Financial leasing.
    • Flags and registrations in any existing maritime flag: national, European, offshore or international.
    • Management of marine insurance of all kinds: for private (list 7) and for-profit (charter/commercial/list 6) vessels.
    • Vessel inspections: periodic, extraordinary, additional and intermediate inspections.
    • Maritime tax liquidation and management: VAT, Special Tax on Certain Means of Transport (IEDMT) and its eventual exemption for commercial reasons, Periodic Taxes, Regional Taxes and Transfer Taxes.
    • Charter permits and maritime offices in any Autonomous Community.
    • Incorporation of nautical companies.
    • Homologations of nautical titles.
    • Post-construction naval projects, valuation and condition surveys anywhere in the world.
    • REBECA Registry.